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Proudly Serving Grayson Fannin and Cooke Counties

The Association is governed by an elected Board of Directors which directs policies and operations of the Association according to its Bylaws. An Executive Committee is the policy, finance and steering committee of the HBA, and oversees affairs of the Association between meetings of the Directors, subject to actions of the Board. The Officers are charged by the Bylaws with specific duties.  The Home Builders Association of Grayson, Fannin, Cooke Counties has a three county jurisdiction: Grayson, Fannin and Cooke County. This means that members of the Home Builders Association of Grayson, Fannin, Cooke Counties, are also automatically members of NAHB and TAB.  Together, the three Associations (local, state and national) form one of the nation’s largest and strongest trade organizations, as befits an industry of such fundamental importance.


The Mission Statement of The Home Builders Association of Grayson, Fannin, Cooke Counties is:

  • To associate the builders within its jurisdiction for the purpose of mutual advantage and cooperation.
  • To collaborate with all fields related to the residential building industry within the Association's jurisdiction for the benefit of the industry as a whole.
  • To comply with all laws, federal, state and local.
  • To Assist in the accomplishment of the mutual objectives of the National Association of Home Builders of the United States and Texas Association of Builders.
  • To operate without profit and no part of the income of the Association shall inure to the benefit of any individual member.


The Home Builders Association of Grayson, Fannin, Cooke Counties is a non-profit trade organization chartered by the State of Texas, and which has been granted tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(6) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.


Home Builders Association of Grayson, Fannin and Cooke Counties
P.O. Box 1421 Sherman, TX  75091-1421
Phone:  903-891-1700 | Fax:  972-294-3294


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